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31 October 2018

The lazy winter beauty routine

Winter is knocking at your door and you only feel like resting all day long in your cosy living room, watching TV and drinking hot chocolate?

We do too!

And lucky us, there isn’t a more perfect time than those lazy nights for our skin to be treated in the way it deserves!


Here are our advice to make the most of winter time: the only thing you have to do is to lie down and rest while our products will make your skin radiant, smooth, soft and healthy again in a long and lasting way.


While lazing in the couch, reading or Netflixing, there is no such better option than Hydrabio Mask: its soft and creamy texture will immediately transform your face skin in only 10 minutes (or more if you wish to finish your episode…).

While doing that, you can also treat your body skin: Atoderm cream is the perfect moisturizer for the cold season as it will deeply and lastingly rehydrate all dry skin that lack lipids.


A long and warm bath is all you are thinking about? Atoderm Shower oil is the essential to bring with you in this trip! Gently scented, and deeply moisturizing, once you had it you simply just can’t turn your back to it!

(Good to know: using too hot water may be harmful for your skin that’s why it is better to limit the temperature of your relaxing bath)


Bedtime is already here and you wonder which product will suit you? Sensibio rich cream is the must have for all bedside tables: it suits all skin types, even the most sensitive, for deep moisturizing, relief and radiance.

Don’t forget to put it first thing in the morning: it is also a perfect make up primer!


So ready for lazy nights?