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03 December 2018

Get perfect skin this Christmas

The countdown to Christmas has begun! This means it’s time to get your skin prepped for all of the festivities with family and friends.



Adapt your skincare routine for the winter period with Bioderma! The tips below will help you to get your skin in the best possible condition for the party season.

The first key step in any skincare routine is to remove all the dirt and bacteria from your skin by cleansing. Sensibio H2O will gently remove makeup and dirt from the skin while maintaining the integrity of even the most sensitive of skin.

The next and most important skincare step to take over the winter period is moisturising.  It is advised that you moisturise twice a day as the cold weather is causing your skin to dry out. Moisturising is necessary to rehydrate the skin to boost radiance and make you look fresh and healthy.


When moisturising it is important to use the correct moisturiser for your skin type.


  • If your skin is dehydrated, the Hydrabio Gel-Cream or Cream will generate intense, immediate and long-lasting moisture.


  • If your skin is sensitive, the Sensibio Light or Rich Creams will hydrate the skin without irritating the skin.


  • If you have oily skin this doesn’t mean you should skip on this step! Sebium MAT control provides moisturizing effects for 8 hours and guarantees zero shine.


For extra party preparation why not treat yourself to an at home spa! Beginning with the Hydrabio Exfoliating Gel, exfoliate away all skin impurities to leave your skin soft and radiant. For an extra skin treat, follow with the Hydrabio Mask for a lasting moisturising effect.


The body is not to be neglected in this period; hot showers and central heating can cause the skin to become dry and flakey. Swapping your regular body wash to a hydrating body wash such as the Atoderm Shower Oil or Atoderm Shower Gel is an easy way to rehydrate the skin straight from the shower. To finish off and lock in the moisture use an Atoderm moisturiser such as the Atoderm Cream or Atoderm Intensive Baume. This will comfort even the most dry and irritated skin and provide long lasting hydration.


Now you have done the important prep work it is time to enjoy any festivities you have planned!