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14 September 2018

Bioderma's TOP 3 tips for Healthier Skin

Slathering on the creams but still not getting results! No amount of cream is going to make your skin look perfect if your lifestyle isn’t healthy. Here Bioderma gives you 3 super easy tips to get healthy looking skin from the inside out.


1. Clean your skin!


Research shows that an astonishing 50% of people who wear make-up in the UK don’t clean their skin before bed. That’s half of us sleeping in accumulated bacteria, dirt, make-up and creams all clogging our pores and leading to a disaster for our skin. Cleansing is key for a healthy looking face as it removes all undesirable residue leaving your skin ready to renew and repair.


There are plenty of ways to clean your skin, using foaming gels or micellar waters for instance but missing this step is not an option in the beauty routine! However it has to be done gently with appropriate products.


Whether for face or body cleansing is essential but over-cleansing can remove our skin’s precious natural protection so we have tread carefully. Limit the time you spend in the bath or shower to 15 minutes or less as too much time in hot water strips oils from your skin and reduces its natural moisturising ability. Use warm water rather than hot water in order to prevent damage to the skin.


Products we recommend:

  • Atoderm Shower Oil: A super moisturising body cleanser with a silky smooth texture that you are going to love.
  • Sensibio Foaming Gel or H2O Micellar Water: A gentle cleanse for sensitive skin offering relief from irritation and boosting tolerance.
  • Sebium Foaming Gel or H2O Micellar Water: For oily to blemish prone skin; these cleansers target excess sebum, purify the skin, and reduce acne irritations.


2. Get enough quality sleep.


Sleeping is the best advice to achieve healthy skin. Lack of sleep will result in tired looking skin more prone to ageing and puffy eyes. It also makes you more anxious and irritable which it turn makes it even harder to fall asleep creating a viscous cycle.

Did you know? The hours you sleep before midnight are the most recovering ones for your body, don’t neglect them!


3. Hydrate yourself


Drinking is definitely the easiest and quickest way to better your skin.

Why? Our body is 65% water and the cells, which make up our organs need water to function properly and be at their best. Just like any other part of the body the skin is an organ, deprive it of adequate hydration and say goodbye to beautiful skin. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily will result in skin that looks more radiant, healthier and younger.


Keep in mind that it is often the simplest changes that have the biggest impact and are often overlooked. Give our 3 steps a try and let us know how you get on, send us a message on Facebook or Instagram, or post about your nighttime routine.