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01 November 2018

Bioderma - Baby routine for winter time

Using the right products is essential for babies but also for parents so that they feel secure and relaxed. That’s why Bioderma has developed the ABCDerm high-safety range in order to help parents during their children’s first years giving them the safety their babies require.



Step 1: Clean their delicate skin

Babies have special needs when it comes to cleaning their sensitive skin.

ABCDerm foaming gel is to be used during bath time and gently cleanses the skin. However, Bioderma offers an alternative way for the cleaning step which doesn’t even require using water: H2O cleansing water has been designed to clean babies’ skin by only having to soak a cotton pad and applying it on their delicate skin.


Step 2: Hydrate

Just like adults, babies also need to have their skin hydrated, especially during winter time.

Our Cold cream is a specific hydrating water-in-oil emulsion for the face that protects the skin from external stresses such as the cold and wind. It also lastingly reduces sensations of dryness, discomfort and tightness.

For the body, ABCDerm hydratant has extremely mild moisturizing agents, perfect for babies’ sensitive skin.


Step 3: Connect

Did you know that massaging your baby can greatly enhance the wellbeing of your child?

Indeed science has demonstrated that massages strengthen the ties between parents and infants as well as creating positive early experiences for children and secure loving relationships.

ABCDerm Relaxing oil is developed in accordance with the ABCDerm high-safety and high tolerance charter to help each parents to create close ties with their children during their first years. The oil can also be used in the bath to offset the drying effect of hard water.