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Cookie policy


Concerned about the protection of your private life, we wish, by this cookie management policy (hereinafter "the Policy"), to inform the Internet users using the website and / or the mobile application (hereinafter "the Website") the deposit and use of cookies when browsing the Website and means available to them to set the operation of cookies. Our Policy is likely to be updated at any time and these changes will take effect immediately. We invite you to refer to it regularly for the latest version available. By continuing to browse the Website, you accept the use of cookies, unless you have disabled them.

1. What is a cookie?

A "cookie" or "plotter" is a file of limited size, generally made up of letters and numbers, created and stored in the memory of your browser located on the hard disk of your device (computer, tablet, mobile, etc.) when consulting a website, opening an email, installing or using a software or mobile application. Cookies can temporarily store information about the use and users of a website. Cookies have an essential role and allow us to improve and personalize your browsing on our Website, for example by offering you the content that corresponds most to your interests.

2. What data can we obtain?

Although the precise details of the data we collect through cookies vary according to specific needs, we generally collect the following data on our Website:

• Connection data

• Navigation data on our Website (pages viewed, length of visit, products sought ...)

• Browser data

• Device data

• Advertisements clicked

• Location (country only)

3. How do we use them?

We use cookies to provide content, services and advertising tailored to your interests and to make visit statistics, record the data communicated and optimize navigation routes.

Here are details of the 4 categories of cookies on the Website:

3.1 Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are strictly necessary for the operation of the Website, allowing the use of the main activities offered.

By disabling the use of these cookies, the linked features can no longer be used. Bioderma cannot be responsible for malfunctions related to their deactivation.

Name of the cookie




These cookies are necessary and help to make a website usable by activating basic functions like page navigation and access to secure areas of the website.

Navigation time on the page


Navigation time on the page


1 year


3.2 Functional cookies and personalization

These cookies allow you to personalize your experience on the Website.

These cookies allow in particular:

  • To recognize you and to log you in automatically thanks to the memorization of your information filled in the forms of our Website (registration or access to your account);
  • Adapt the presentation of our Website to the display preferences of your terminal (display resolution, operating system used, etc.);
  • To give you access to reserved and personal areas of our Website, thanks to your login. 

Name of the cookie




Reminds the used language version of the website.

Navigation time on the page


Unique identifier of the user to recognize a user who returns to the website. The stored data is anonymous and contains no personal details.

1 year


Cookie related to our personalization tool for content on the Website.

13 months


Cookie related to our online chat tool

1 year


Cookie related to our online chat tool

1 year


3.3 Traffic and performance cookies

Statistical cookies allow us, through the collection and communication of information, to understand how visitors interact with the Site and thus to improve the functioning and ergonomics of the Site.

Name of the cookie




Used by Google to control the tag loading to identify visitor interactions, anonymously, with the website.

Navigation time on the page


These cookies are necessary for the operation of Google Analytics to measure the data relating to the use of our website.

13 months


Navigation time on the page


Navigation time on the page


Navigation time on the page






3.4 Advertising Targeting Cookies & Third Party Cookies

Cookies may be registered by third parties when you visit our Website. They are used to collect information about your browsing habits, in order to personalize the advertising addressed to you according to your tastes and shopping habits. These cookies have a life of 13 months.

For example:

• The "sharing" function on social networks activates cookies generated by platforms themselves (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ...), which are used to record your actions as well as any information on your browsing path and can possibly to be used for advertising purposes;

• When you visit our Website while remaining connected to a social network (in particular Facebook, Youtube, Twitter), cookies from these same social networks may be placed on your terminal in order to share information about your browsing on our Website;

• If you click on a banner or an advertising link before arriving on our Website, cookies may be placed on your device to enable us to know if you have been redirected to our Website and to correctly compensate the partner for the payment origin of this link (including Google, Outbrain, Ligatus).

We do not control the distribution of these cookies. We invite you to consult the cookie policies of these sites to learn about the purposes of use, including advertising and navigation information they can collect.

4. How to manage cookies?

You may at any time authorize, limit or prohibit the cookies deposit, in whole or in part, by modifying your browser settings.

In order to facilitate your approach, here are the links to the Help topics of the most commonly used browsers:

For Chrome ™: here;

For Internet Explorer ™: here;

For Firefox ™: here;

For Safari ™: here;

For Opera ™: here.

However, we inform you that by setting your browser to refuse cookies, certain features, pages or spaces of the Website will not be accessible, which the publisher of the Website cannot be responsible.

5. Consent prior to the cookies deposit

It will be considered that you have given your consent to the cookies deposit for the Website if:

• You continued browsing, without setting cookies / plotters;

• You have clicked the "I ACCEPT" button, the banner informing about the use of cookies.

This agreement will be valid for a period of thirteen months from the first cookies deposit on your equipment.

To find out more about cookies, we invite you to consult the following website: