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Normally, the dermatologist who does the procedure will give you post-laser skincare advice. The skincare product will depend on the type of laser used because there are various lasers. 
There are lasers that respect the skin’s integrity; they are non-ablative. They treat the inside, whether it’s for couperosis or hair removal. You don’t need to change your make-up removal routine. For couperosis, for example, the laser treats deeper vessels, but the skin itself won’t be affected. You will need to use gentle skincare products so you don’t irritate it. 
However, ablative lasers damage the skin a bit for a specific purpose. Your make-up removal routine will be completely different. For example, if you do a laser resurfacing procedure (fractional CO2), the skin will be really perforated, a bit pockmarked, and the make-up removal routine must be more gentle and adapted. 
So, ask your dermatologist what post-procedure skin care products you should use.